In 2016 I was very lucky coming across an understanding that completely changed my view of how the human mind works. My relationship to mental health and wellbeing went from something that was complex and required a lot of work (techniques, positive thinking, strategies etc.) to something very simple (sometimes it looks almost too simple) but yet true.

It has helped me and other people with panic attacks, anxiety, stress, depression, and most important to experience more of our wellbeing and peace of mind.

I hope you will give yourself the chance to be impacted by this understanding which has helped so many people.

I hope is that it will help you get more out of your life, feel better and live the life you want to live.

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What this program shares is so powerful to anyone wishing to feel more inner peace and calm, regardless of their circumstances and their life until now. Esben talks in such a simple and accessible way, which makes the profound truths in this video series wonderful to watch and listen to. I wholeheartedly recommend this program

Wyn, Master Transformative coach

Can you recognize any of the following?

  • Your mind feels heavy and cloudy
  • You struggle with worry and insecurity
  • You have some mental challenges (stress, depression and/or anxiety).
  • There is one or several areas of your life that you would like to have more wellbeing and inner peace in (relationships, economy, work, body etc)
  • You don’t feel like you get the most out of your life because of what you’re struggling with

The possibilities with this program

  • Your mind will feel lighter and more clear
  • You will spend more time in wellbeing and calmness -> less stress, depressed and anxious.
  • Worry and insecurity will feel a lot less significant and will play a lot smaller part of your life.
  • The areas of your life where you struggle you will have more clarity around
  • You feel like you get more out of your life

How is this program different?

If you are used to self-help and personal development that focuses on acquiring new techniques and implementing strategies into your life, then this is very different. 

What you are looking for is already within you! I’m not here to help you create better beliefs or giving you tools so you can feel better. 

I’m here to share with you what I have seen about the truth about how we human beings work that I have experienced and the implications of that is very powerful. 
Seeing that has great implications for our mental health and wellbeing.

This also takes away all the hard work that often comes with forcing yourself to think differently, remembering to use your techniques and strategies when you need them. 

The great thing about truth is that it’s always there and we can count on it. Like we can count on gravity no matter what happens in life.

A list of the Masterclasses you will be going through:

  • Where our experience of live comes from
  • What is thought and the nature of it
  • The innate mental health system
  • Living a guided life
  • Our stories of suffering + A bonus video

How does it work?

You will be given a login to a website. From the website, you can watch the masterclasses where and whenever you want.

You just need a computer/laptop, mobile or tablet with internet access.

Experiencing more wellbeing and peace of mind doesn’t require you to work harder on yourself or acquire new techniques and strategies. It only requires one thing and that is insight, so just …. watch, listen and reflect.

What does the program include?

5 Masterclasses which are between 30 and 40 minutes long + a bonus video.

Why is it free?

I want to get this out to as many people as possible, so they can get to experience this understanding for themselves.
Get access here:


What is the effect of this program?

There is no one certain effect. It looks like where people experience challenges and problems that are often the area they get insights that help them experience more wellbeing and peace of mind.

Will this fix me?

No this is not a quick fix. But it’s a really great place to start if you want have a better experience of life

Will this be free forever?

Honestly I don’t know, but it will probably be free for the first 1000 people. After that I will make a decision.

What if I have questions?

You can reach me at I’d be happy to answer any questions


I enjoyed the simplicity and the honestly in what you said. I think this would appeal to anyone starting out with the principles and bring comfort to those suffering from anxiety.

What you’re offering I feel would be of great benefit to someone in starting to quieten their mind and would potentially bring much comfort.


I suffer from anxiety and depression. I have found since doing your program i am more at ease and relaxed. My main problem is im scared of the panic attacks and the sensations they bring.

But since listening to your program that has eased quite alot, my thinking about it is a lot clearer.

I will recommend this program to anybody that is suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.


Esben, I am very happy I did your program. I find I am seeing my thoughts differently, putting a little less importance on them, so my thinking is a little lighter. Since some of my thoughts do not weigh me down so much, it is a freeing feeling, like I have less pressure on my mind to figure things out! Like this morning I was signed up to go on a hike, but I really hate driving to new places and I am not a very social person, so this is out of my comfort zone (but I love hiking so I signed up).  Before, I would have over-thought whether to go or not. The other day that thought came to me (do I go or cancel?) and I did not have to figure it out!! I did not have to figure it out ahead of time, but instead I could make the decision when it was time to go, whatever I seemed right at that time.


I think you transmit a lot of peace and wellbeing when you are talking.


I was drawn to the principles as I have experienced a lot of uncertainty in my relationship and spend a lot of time thinking about leaving. Your videos helped me see that no matter how much I analyse the relationship and try to sort it out – it won’t help me come closer to an answer. So I feel I have relaxed a lot and I also had the realisation that my happiness does not come from my relationship so I don’t need to get so attached to bringing about an outcome.


Although I am familiar with the topics, your examples do make the points more personal and relatable.

What I appreciated the most was the simple approach you did. Nothing fancy, no flashy powerpoints. Just simple illustrations that get to the point. It means to me that you are not trying to sell me something.

It is funny how it works sometimes…every time you watch it, you hear something that you didn’t hear before. Insightful.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to view and experience your work.


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