Things that might be interesting for you to know about me

I’m born in 1990 in Denmark. I live with my girlfriend and daughter.

I have a past with drugs and small time criminal stuff.

I have tried depression, panic attacks, feeling I don’t belong in this world, thinking I’m a shitty human being etc.

I’ve been a big Tony Robbins fan and been into traditional psychology and NLP for a couple of years. Here is what came of that:

  • I’ve tried whipping myself because I thought it was needed, not seeing that I didn’t want to do what I was trying to force myself to do.
  • I’ve tried power wilding myself to change.
  • I’ve played in the world of self-help that is all about techniques and strategies.
  • I’ve tried creating better circumstances and manipulating people to be happy and have a better life.
  • I’ve tried playing with my thinking, change negative beliefs to positive, hyping myself up, positive thinking etc.
  • tried being someone I wasn’t.

Guess what it all has in common? It’s hard work, it doesn’t really work and it’s not sustainable.

What changed for me?

In August 2016 I came across a tedtalk that has completely changed my life. It showed me a radically different understanding of how human beings work. It pointed to something true, whereas before I was playing in the field of make-belief “how can I make myself believe a better lie”.

I started seeing that the reason I was whipping myself and needed willpower was that deep inside I didn’t want to do what I was trying to make myself do. I just thought I needed to do to be okay and be safe.

I started seeing that wellbeing and happiness are 0% connected to what I have, don’t have and my circumstances. Happiness and wellbeing are we are born with, it’s innate.

I started seeing that I didn’t need to control my feelings and mental state.
Feelings are not dangerous and we have a build-in mental health system that is made to take care of us.

I started seeing that life is easiest when I don’t try to be anyone, but just follow that which feels right, even though I might not always understand it.

I started seeing that we have an amazing capability to figure things out in life, we are connected to the source of insights, which kinda carry us through life. Answers and solutions kinda come by themself, if we give it a chance.

The famous Dr Bill Pettit says “Never broken, nothing lacking”. He talks about human beings, our soul, what we are made of.

What kind of coach am I?

As a coach, I’m not focused on helping you change your life through techniques and implementing strategies into your life. I don’t believe you need to work hard on yourself to create something or make a change.

“Well, that’s great but what kind of coach are you then?”

I help you see what you already got going for you that you probably don’t see because you’ve lost sight of it.

I help you see that you’re born with a full deck of cards, so I have nothing to give you, but I have something better… I can point it out to you and make you see that you already have what you’re looking for.

I’m not going to try to motivate you to do anything, if you need motivation, it’s probably because you don’t really want to do it, you just think you need it. Instead, I can help you reconnect with your inspiratin, so that you will do shit and create from a place of passion.

I will care for you and be there for you. I will anything I can so that you can succeed in whatever it is you want.

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